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MN AAA insurance quotes from the AAA Auto Club Group.  AAA is recognized by its  members and in the communities we serve as their most trusted advisor as they enjoy their freedom of mobility and the use of their automobiles. Enjoy great insurance in MN and the confidence the Auto Club Group provides.  AAA assists and protects our members by:

  • Offering competitively priced, value-added products and services that meet members’ evolving needs.
  • Building enduring relationships with members through multiple product placements in their households.
  • Serving as members’ trusted advocate on the safety and security issues that affect their mobility.
  • Demonstrating our social responsibility in the communities in which we work.

MN AAA Homeowners insurance through AAA provides more than just quality insurance. You will also enjoy many special features, such as:

  • Personal credit protection — Protects you against forgery and unauthorized use of lost or stolen checks, credit cards or ATM cards.
  • Theft coverage — This coverage protects your personal property away from home.
  • Inflation Protection — Adjusts your coverage annually to keep pace with increasing repair and replacement costs.
  • AAA policyholder service — Enjoy service from a local agent, plus access via dozens of offices, toll-free number and the Internet.
  • One-on-one claim service — Allows you to file a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even report your claim online.

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